Founded by the Best.

Global Medevac was founded by a group of the most experienced, most caring individuals in the emergency medical transportation business. In fact, they are the air ambulance service pioneers.

“We formed this company because we saw the need to take better care of people. We have less red tape, less paperwork, and live operators. Instead, we focus on outstanding service, making sure each and every member receives the care that they need; Global Medevac gets you home as quickly and as painlessly as possible.”

— Timothy Green, President of Global Medevac, LLC

Founded by True Leaders

Global Medevac was founded, developed and continues to be run by industry experts with extensive experience and a proven track record of success in the emergency medical transportation industry. We have a deep passion for treating our members with the care they deserve.

Each and every Global Medevac team member understands and takes responsibility for our mission: when clients are in need of emergency medical transportation – when lives are on the line – we will deliver on every promise to provide help.

With Global Medevac, you’re Family.

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