Benefits for you and your family.

For a small monthly or annual fee, Global Medevac offers the most benefits at a lower cost than any other emergency transport company. Each benefit is provided with the kind of professional and compassionate service you deserve.

To us, you’re family.

Global Medevac offers more for less than other businesses in the industry!

Here is a list of the vital services Global medevac will provide:

24/7 Emergent Service
Medical Evacuation and Emergency Air Transportation
Emergency Helicopter Transportation
Emergency Ground Ambulance Transportation
Medical Repatriation
Paramedic Assisted Commercial Flights
Commercial Upgrade
Return Transportation
Visitor Transportation
Escort Transportation
Minor Grandchildren and Minor Great Grandchildren Return
Vehicle Return
Spouse Return
Mortal Remains Transport
Surviving Spouse Return
Organ Retrieval
Organ Recipient Transportation
Travel Expense
Transportation to Rehabilitation Centers, Skilled Nursing and Hospice Settings
Terminally Ill Transportation
Worldwide Coverage
Worldwide Emergency Ground Ambulance/Helicopter
Pet Return
Global Medevac Concierge Service

Our Family-First
Satisfaction Guarantee

Global Medevac is the only emergency ground and air ambulance transportation service that offers a satisfaction guarantee on all services and benefits for a full year. With Global Medevac, the sky is not the limit!

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Global Medevac allows you to be prepared and proactive to provide you with the ultimate peace of mind.

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