This may sound a little corny, but in all honesty, David Morgan and I got together several years ago and we decided there was an opportunity to create and sell a much better product than our competitors offer. I have known David for many years and he is a very good businessman and a strong advocate of “doing the right thing” at all times for his customers. I have been in the prepaid emergency assistance business for 35 years and I worked with the “father of the industry”, Frank Halley for many years. We sold our company in 2015 when Frank made the decision to retire. As the president of Frank’s companies, I learned this business in great detail and I heard our members’ requests for different benefits. You are the reason Global Medevac was formed.

Global Medevac is a “people company”. In reality, all we sell is a piece of paper and a plastic card and when you joined you are put your trust in us, our entire staff, and we are privileged to serve you. Our company is comprised of many industry experts and David and I made it clear to everybody we hired that we will be a “member first” company. That is why we will not have any phone trees or voice prompting when you need our help. When you call we will always talk to you in person because that is what you deserve. We take your trust in us seriously and we will always do what we say we will in our Membership Agreement.

Thank you all for becoming a part of our family!