Typical Long-Distance Ambulance Bill You Could Receive

How Global Medevac Protects You

With your own Global Medevac membership, you can avoid unwanted high emergency ground ambulance or emergency air ambulance bills. We’ll take care of your medical transport needs when your insurance won’t. With Global Medevac, you are buying peace of mind.

Benefits of Membership:

  • We cover your out-of-pocket costs for fixed wing, helicopter and ground ambulance emergency transportation needs.
  • You are covered both at home and away from home, including international coverage
  • We cover paramedic-assisted commercial flights
  • Includes coverage for inter-facility medical transportation (e.g., from one hospital to another)
  • We pay for a family member to visit you if you are confined to a hospital for more than 5 days
  • Covers return of minors (children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren) of a covered member
  • We pay for the return of your vehicle or RV
  • Includes coverage for mortal remains transportation
  • We cover pet return & organ recipient transportation

*Ask for a copy of our membership agreement to access all coverage details

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