An air ambulance transport in a fixed-wing aircraft can easily cost $100,000. Helicopter trips can cost even more. To make matter worse, most health insurance companies only pay up to $2,500 per trip, leaving you and your family to cover the rest.

Most health insurance, including Medicare, only pay a fraction of the costs, leaving you and your family with a large debt. By joining Global Medevac, you will have the peace of mind knowing you are prepared for these medical emergencies and financial hardships they create.

Did You Know?

Medical ground ambulance and air transports typically will only take patients to the closest hospital or medical facility.

Annually, 400,000+ helicopter ambulances are needed to help save a life during a medical emergency.

150,000 fixed-wing medical transports take place every year to help individuals get to a specialty medical facility or to their home state medical team.

Do not settle for less than the best, we don’t. We are Global Medevac!

Global Medevac protects you when health insurance or Medicare won’t. For a small fee, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll be covered during an unexpected and stressful medical emergency. Just make a simple phone call to Global Medevac and we will do the rest from start to finish so that you can focus on your health instead of wondering how you are going to be medically transported and how much it will cost. We’ll even work directly with your personal physician to make sure you are transported to the best hospital for your specific medical needs. There’s never a good time for a medical emergency, but it’s good to know Global Medevac is there for you any time and any place – guaranteed! Join the Global Medevac family today.

“We really appreciate your timely response to our emergency, and the manner in which you did everything you could to assist us without a second thought, on a very short notice…”

Andrew R. Ayala, a Global Medevac member

“[Global Medevac] clearly explained the process with the air ambulance service and the reimbursement for expenses incurred… the flight was staffed with professionals who made the trip very comfortable for both the patient and myself. Thanks for your due diligence in making the reservations for our return trip to St. Thomas. Your attention to detail and your genuine concern for the patient’s well being is highly commended. We definitely would recommend Global Medevac.”

Dora Guiler, a Global Medevac member

“I cannot complain at all about anything. What started out as a stressful day was quickly cleared up and dealt with by Dusty Cook. I am now stress-free and debt free thanks to Dusty and the team at Global Medevac.  Dusty answered all my questions, was very patient, and even checked in with me during and after services.”

Angel Legrand, a Global Medevac member

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