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Insurance and Medicare only cover a fraction of medical transportation costs
You can’t plan for an emergency ambulance or helicopter, but you can prepare for the $50,000+ bill
Global Medevac will protect you and your family for as low as a dollar a day
You have the peace of mind of protection from these high transportation costs
A diverse membership program founded by diverse people. ANYONE can be a member!
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Ground and helicopter ambulance costs have skyrocketed. A ground ambulance can cost $5,000 or more, where a helicopter ambulance often costs $50,000+. To make matters worse, most health insurance companies only pay a fraction of this cost, leaving you and your family owing thousands of dollars to the ambulance company.

Airplane ambulance transports can easily cost $100,000 or more per trip. Most health insurance policies do not cover these types of transports, often leaving patients with the entirety of the bill.

By joining Global Medevac, you will have the peace of mind knowing you are prepared for these medical emergencies and financial hardships they create.

Did you know?

Ground ambulance transports typically will get you to the hospital but often not to the care you need, requiring an air ambulance transport
Annually, 550,000+ helicopter ambulances are needed to help save lives transporting patients to trauma centers in larger cities
150,000+ airplane ambulance transports take place every year helping individuals get to specialty medical facilities or to their home hospitals while traveling

Why Global Medevac?

Global Medevac is the premier emergency transportation assistance company in the United States. Unlike our competitors, we have no coverage gaps.

No one knows when tragedy will strike them or a loved one. The last thing on anyone’s mind should be the bill when emergency transport is needed to get them or their loved one to the hospital.

This is why Global Medevac Membership is so important and why we exist as a company.

Global Medevac Membership provides the very best coverage in the industry with the most benefits at the best prices.

Your family will enjoy the Peace of Mind knowing that you are fully protected from the high cost of medical transportation.

We cover all the out-of-pocket costs for our members’ airplane, helicopter, and ground ambulances after insurance has paid its portion.

While traveling away from home we provide our members with emergency evacuation, repatriation, return transportation, vehicle return and much more.

All of our benefits are provided free of charge to the member.

Global Medevac membership is good anywhere, whether you are on vacation in the Caribbean or driving to the grocery store.

Our members know that Global Medevac Membership is the best thing to have on the worst day of your life!

Global Medevac protects you when health insurance or Medicare won’t. For a small fee, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll be covered during an unexpected and stressful medical emergency. Just make a simple phone call to Global Medevac and we will do the rest from start to finish so that you can focus on your health instead of wondering how you are going to be medically transported and how much it will cost. We’ll even work directly with your personal physician to make sure you are transported to the best hospital for your specific medical needs. There’s never a good time for a medical emergency, but it’s good to know Global Medevac is there for you any time and any place – guaranteed! Join the Global Medevac family today.

Still Have Questions? Watch our informative video to learn more!

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Our Family-First Satisfaction Guarantee

Global Medevac is the only emergency ground and air ambulance transportation service that offers a satisfaction guarantee on all services and benefits for a full year. With Global Medevac, the sky is not the limit!

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