Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Global Medevac leadership has over 50 years combined experience of developing the very best Employee Benefit
plans for businesses to give or offer to their employees.

Our sales teams have created employer plans for various types and sizes of private local, state, multi-state, and international employers’ groups such as:

Types of Employer Plans

Businesses choose which plan is right for them. A few examples of these plans are:

Current Clients

Global Medevac has created large and small employee benefits plans for many diverse groups with different sizes and scope. 

Why Global Medevac?

Global Medevac is the premier emergency transportation assistance company in the United States. Unlike our competitors, we have no coverage gaps.

No one knows when tragedy will strike them or a loved one. The last thing on anyone’s mind should be the bill when emergency transport is needed to get them or their loved one to the hospital.

This is why Global Medevac Membership is so important and why we exist as a company.

Global Medevac Membership provides the very best coverage in the industry with the most benefits at the best prices.

Your employees will enjoy the Peace of Mind knowing that they and their families are fully protected from the high cost of medical transportation.

We cover all the out-of-pocket costs for our members’ airplane, helicopter, and ground ambulances after insurance has paid its portion.

While traveling away from home we provide our members with emergency evacuation, repatriation, return transportation, vehicle return and much more.

All of our benefits are provided free of charge to the member.

Global Medevac membership is good anywhere, whether you are on vacation in the Caribbean or driving to the grocery store.

Our members know that Global Medevac Membership is the best thing to have on the worst day of your life!

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