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“We formed this company because we saw the need to take better care of people. We have less red tape, less paperwork, and live operators. Instead, we focus on outstanding service, making sure each and every member receives the care that they need; Global Medevac gets you home as quickly and as painlessly as possible.”

— Timothy Green, President of Global Medevac, LLC

David Morgan
Chief Executive Officer

David began his sales career right after college with the National Teacher Associates, winning numerous awards as their top salesperson. In 1981, he founded United Teacher Associates, marketing supplemental insurance products to retired teachers through state endorsements.

In 1984, David founded United Teacher Associates Insurance Company selling and underwriting supplemental insurance products to retired and active teacher associations. When he sold the company to Great American in 1999, the company had 250 full-time employees and 2,500 contracted agents across the U.S.

In 2001, he and his brother founded Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA) to provide insurance benefits to retired teacher associations in 26 states. AMBA sold over $50,000,000 of Prepaid Emergency Medical Transportation plans as well.

In 2016, David sold AMBA, following a brief, two-year retirement, David partnered with Tim Green and founded Global Medevac.

Tim Green

In 1984, Tim joined Frank Halley and two other gentlemen to form the first prepaid emergency medical transportation company. Tim helped author the first ten benefit service agreement that became the standard for most of the industry. In 1985, the company was named Medical Air Services Association (MASA) which became the largest prepaid emergency transportation company in the world.

As President, Tim helped Frank open 22 offices in 13 countries. MASA was a ten-time winner of the Best in the Virgin Islands award and a nine-time winner of the U.S. Commerce Department’s Best in Industry award, and in 2014, MASA was accepted into the U.S. Commerce Department’s Hall of Fame.

In 2015 MASA was sold. Tim stayed on for two more years, before taking a brief retirement In 2018, Tim and David partnered to form Global Medevac and opened a corporate office in Austin, Texas. Their partnership created the best, most comprehensive prepaid emergency medical transportation plans in the industry. They hired a winning team with decades of experience in the emergency trauma response and insurance industries.

Matt Schichtle
Vice Preseident of U.S. Sales

Matt brings over thirteen years of experience in emergency trauma response to Global Medevac. He has held positions as Director of National Membership Sales, National Accounts Manager, Regional Director of Membership Sales, Business Development Director, and Membership Sales Manager for Air Medical Group Holdings (AMGH) and AirMedCar Network (AMCN). Additionally, he also served as Vice President of the Business to Business Sales Division for MASA. During his tenure as VP of B2B, he crafted a new sales model, “MASA Medical Transport Solutions.” This business growth model produced unprecedented gains for MASA and AMGH. Matt Schichtle joined the Global Medivac team in January 2020.

Jayna West
Vice President of Accounting

Jayna graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas Women’s University in 2014 and is currently pursuing her MBA. In 2015, Jayna joined MASA as Accounting Department Manager, she was responsible for two domestic and 13 international branches. In 2019, Jayna joined the Global Medevac team as their Corporate Accountant. In 2020, she was promoted to Vice President of Accounting. She brings a commitment to excellence in accounting, advanced knowledge of international tax law, and the fiduciary responsibility to aid in the growth of the company.

Dusty Cook
Transport Director

Dusty spent 15 years as a licensed agent with Metropolitan Insurance company and the Insurance Division of J.C. Penney. He later joined MASA and spent over 25 years training hundreds of sales agents, and generating over $70,000,000 in annual sales. As manager of the transport department (claims), he authorized more than 5,000 air ambulance flights that totaled more than $60,000,000. In 2019, Dusty joined Global Medevac as Transport Director. His expertise, ethics, and desire to serve members, along with his knowledge and management of the vast international Transport and Claims division, makes him the leading Transport Director in the industry.

Brian Morgan
Sales Recruiting & Training Manager

Brian graduated from Baylor University with a Business Degree in Risk Management Insurance. Soon after graduation, Brian took a sales agent position with AMBA. In his 15 years at AMBA, he served as a sales manager training agents in the greater southwest region. In 2018, Brian was hired by Global Medevac to find and train new talent for the sales team. Brian brings nearly 20 years of experience to Global Medevac. He believes that the success of any sales organization begins with the right people.

Bron Caddell
Regional Sales Manager

Bron brings over 25 years of insurance and emergency trauma response experience to Global Medevac. He has held positions as a Customer Service Manager, Life/Health Underwriter and Actuary Analyst, as well as run his own award-winning State Farm agency and launched the membership division of AMGH. In 2015, Bron moved to MASA and was integral to the success of its B2B initiative. In three years, he grew the division to 35 producers and 175 agency/brokerages who generated over $30,000,000 of annual revenue. Bron heads up Sales and Marketing efforts for the Global Medevac team.

Adrienne Wellington
Communications Director

Adrienne brings over 20 years of experience in communications and design to the Global Medevac family. In 2006, she took a position as Communications Specialist with Beneplace (which would become an industry leader in voluntary benefits management). She came up with communication strategies to support both B2B and B2C initiatives. In 2012, she was promoted to Creative Director and managed an award-winning Creative team, aligning company objectives with the needs of Beneplace’s 300+ Fortune 500 clients. In 2018, Adrienne joined Premier Member Benefits, running communications and development from the ground up and growing their client base from 60,000 to 2M.

Elizabeth Krainz
Internal Auditor

In 1983 Elizabeth graduated from the University of Texas in Accounting, Bachelors of Business Administration Degree. She has worked as a Certified Public Accountant since 1985. Elizabeth has extensive experience in the financial sector of the insurance industry in both the private and public sector. She has held positions as Accountant, Auditor, Internal Auditor, Controller, and Chief Financial Officer.

Marcus Torres
Transportation & Marketing/Sales Coordinator

Marcus worked as a corporate trainer before moving to a Membership Services position at Reinsurance Partners. He was responsible for event coordination and sports marketing, assisting with sponsorship efforts for Superbowl XLV, Big 12 Basketball, College Football Playoffs, Cotton Bowl, and more. In 2017, Marcus took a position as a Transportation Coordinator at MASA. In 2019, he joined Global Medevac as Transportation and Marketing/Sales Coordinator.

Cynthia Howell
USVI Administrator

Cynthia has been a longtime resident of the USVI. Before working in the emergency trauma response industry, she held numerous administrative/customer service and management positions within the Financial Services, Health Insurance Management, and the Social Services Administration field. Cynthia joined the Global Medevac team in 2020, and is pivotal to the success of the USVI division.

Founded by True Leaders

Global Medevac was founded, developed and continues to be run by industry experts with extensive experience and a proven track record of success in the emergency medical transportation industry. We have a deep passion for treating our members with the care they deserve.

Each and every Global Medevac team member understands and takes responsibility for our mission: when clients are in need of emergency medical transportation – when lives are on the line – we will deliver on every promise to provide help.

With Global Medevac, you’re Family.

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