The Representative Enroller, hereinafter “Agent”, in connection with the marketing and sale of pre-paid emergency membership agreements on behalf of GLOBAL MEDEVAC, LLC, hereinafter “Company” is subject to following terms and conditions:


Purpose is to state the terms and conditions under which Agent shall act as an Agent of Company for the purpose of personally soliciting applications for the Company’s pre-paid emergency membership agreements and forwarding them to the Company.


AUTHORITY OF AGENT: The Agent is hereby authorized by Company, to solicit, procure and submit to the Company for acceptance or rejection, applications for pre-paid emergency memberships specified on the Commission Schedule attached hereto and hereby made a part hereof (the “Commission Schedule”) of the types being issued by the Company, subject to these terms and conditions. Agent is specifically and expressly not authorized, and shall have no authority to do any of the following things:


Offer or represent Global Medevac Membership coverages in any way outside the scope of the terms of the Membership Service Agreement (MSA) specifically as it is written.


Make, alter or discharge any Company issued membership agreement or incur any liability on behalf of the Company; or accept any enrollment fee or membership fee other than the purchase fees;


All payments the Agent is authorized to collect shall be made payable to the Company and are to be made only by cashier’s check, credit cards, debit cards, money order or check drawn and signed by the applicant or owner of the emergency membership agreement. All payment information collected by Agent in written form on a membership application or in other form shall be destroyed by Agent after submission to Global Medevac and shall not remain in possession of Agent. Failure to comply may result in termination of this contract immediately.


Prepare, publish, issue, print or circulate, or cause to be prepared, published any advertising or sales promotion materials, leaflets, booklets, or forms without the prior written approval of an officer of Company.


Commence or enter into any litigation or other legal proceedings upon any matter relating to the business of the Company.


Termination Without Cause. Either party may terminate the Representative Enroller Agreement without cause by giving notice to the other party. This Agreement shall terminate immediately upon the date of death of the Agent, or, if Agent is a corporation or partnership, upon the dissolution thereof, or upon the termination or non-renewal of Agent’s license or appointment to represent the Company if required.


Cancellations: If a Sponsored Representative Enroller/Agent cancels his or her membership within the first 30 days of enrolling, the Representative Enroller Sponsor/Agent will be required to pay back to Global Medevac the $150 commission AND membership commissions if they have already been paid to the sponsor. This will be considered a “chargeback” and will be treated as defined in the Representative Enroller Agreement paragraphs #8 and #9.


Business Fee. The purpose of the $150 Business Fee is to allow access to company approved training, marketing materials, certification courses, agent contacting, etc. not available to the public. Therefore, the Business Fee is Non-Refundable.

Global Medevac Membership Cancellation Premier memberships are sold on an annual basis with various approved payment frequencies. If the monthly payment frequency is chosen by the Member and if the membership is not cancelled within the first 30 days of enrollment the Member will be responsible for the remaining annual amount of the membership cost if the member wishes to cancel his or her membership coverage prior to the membership anniversary date of original enrollment. If the Member decides to cancel prior to the anniversary date the remaining annual membership fees will be charged by Global Medevac/Company via the payment method provided to Global Medevac/Company at initial enrollment. All Global Medevac Premier Memberships will automatically renew at the end of the member’s chosen payment frequency option, and the Member’s provided form of payment will be charged by Global Medevac/Company unless Global Medevac/Company has received written notice from the Member of its termination, in such time and manner as to afford Global Medevac and Depository a reasonable opportunity to act on it.